The Weekly Rose Report

So, I’ve managed to get myself to the Y all week for exercise, but oh my God, y’all would laugh if you could have seen me. Monday I did pilates, and I was a tad… overconfident. I actually survived the core stuff pretty well, but the class focused on the hips a lot. A LOT. So half the week I was walking around like Yosemite Sam. It was sad, very sad.

I finally spent my Christmas/Birthday money. This is also sad, I realize, but I’ve been supplementing my stash until I had enough to buy a Kindle. So I did. And I freaking love it. I can read much faster and I don’t have to wear my computer glasses to use it. Of course, I’m going through the Kindle store, looking at what they have, and I keep coming across things that I already own in hard copy and having read yet. *guilt* The only thing is, there’s not a huge saving off the paperback price, though there’s a substantial difference if something’s in hardcover. (FYI, you can buy my books in both Kindle format, and for other e-readers, like the Sony.) I’m all for saving trees, though, so price wasn’t my main consideration. Being able to carry a library around in my purse was, though.

Discovered the new Mediterranean restaurant around the corner from me makes a scrumptious falafel. I’m ridiculously excited about this.

I watched Valkyrie. I’d wanted to see it in the movie theater, but I missed it. I was leery, because (a) I know it doesn’t exactly have a happy ending and (b) I’m not a huge Tom Cruise. Both were non-issues, though. The movie did a great job of keeping the tension really high, even though I knew how it ended, I was all in knots. And Cruise disappeared into his character in a way I haven’t seen him do since… Since he became Tom Cruise, I think.

(Okay, I just have to get this off my chest. I don’t know what to think of the guy personally, but he’s just damned handsome. I didn’t used to think so, because I don’t love that cheeky Risky Business grin. And if anyone mentions Tropic Thunder to me I will smack you. Possibly it was the uniform (why are the ranking minions of evil empires always such snappy dressers?), or his doomed but noble enterprise, but SeriousActor!Tom made me forget Crazy!Tom in this movie.)

Anyway. Valkyrie gets a recommend from me. It was taut, moved a a nice clip, and really fascinating.

That’s my week. How was yours?

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