Assorted tokens, totem and action figures

I wrote down where I got this meme, and then lost it. WORD for Teens, I THINK, *awesomely* has an interview with Todd McCaffery up today.

On your desk/workspace:

List at least 5 bookish things:
1) Stack of ARCS for The Splendor Falls
2) My favorite Baby Name book (for characters, not babies)
3) Writer’s Guide to Poisons
4) Word Menu
5) My Kindle, which counts for a LOT of books.

List at least 5 NON BOOK THINGS:
1) 3 empty coffee mugs
2) Tube of sunscreen
3) Jane Austen action figure
4) Tangle of ipod earphones (I count 7 earbuds, so that’s at least 4 sets, right?)
5) Assorted 10 sided dice

(Seriously, I could sum up this list with: paper, more paper, and assorted tokens and totems.)

Now I must finish packing for Houston. If you’re going to ApolloCon, I’ll see you there!

1 thought on “Assorted tokens, totem and action figures”

  1. On your desk/workspace:List at least 5 bookish things:1) my scripts for the 1st 2 photostories I have to shoot.2) book on embroidery techniques3)book on fitting clothes & altering patterns4)Japanese/English dictionary5)book on dreamweaver MXList at least 5 NON BOOK THINGS:1)Pin vise2)a small statue of a tenniel inspired Gryphon3)2 african violets (that forgive me for leaving them behind the monitor and watering them sporadically)4) Salt & Pepper shakers (with condiments in them)5) Gouache Paints & paintbrushes


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