Darn it! I just ate this liver yesterday!

Missed my blog yesterday because I was cleaning house. This was not a purposeful decision. Not the missing the blog, OR the cleaning of the house.

It started this way. I actually keep up with the kitchen and bathrooms, because… well, that should be obvious, right? (It should to anyone who knows me, anyway.) But I’m not great about the dusting. But I’m going to “Just” do a quick swiffering of the flat surfaces, and the floor (which had gotten a little embarrassing with the dust bunnies).

Only I have a hard time doing “just” part of something. I mean, once you clean one thing, it makes the rest seem dirtier by contrast. Plus, once you start looking for it, you actually SEE it. Like the dust on the blinds. I couldn’t just LEAVE it. And once I did that, I had to do the ceiling fans, too. And that all drifts down, so you notice that the floorboards are not so much white as gray, and they all have to be gotten systematically… And then its six hours later. (It’s a big house, which is how we avoid matricide with Mom living here and all.)

So, anyway. I’ve decided dusting is one of my least favorite job, because it settles so fast. It’s like Prometheus’s liver growing back every day. You know those vultures were all like: “Zeus damn it! We just ate this yesterday, and now it’s back! Our work is never done!”

What’s your least favorite housecleaning job? Should I even ask if you have a favorite?

2 thoughts on “Darn it! I just ate this liver yesterday!”

  1. well my least favorite cleaning job would be vacuming. and my favorite would be cleaning my books (i love book so i try to keep them clean ever if they are not mine)


  2. Do you start to re-read them as you're cleaning them? I do! One minute, I'm dusting, and 2 hours later, I'm still sitting in front of the shelves, reading my favorite parts!(Hi there! Glad you stopped by!)


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