Random Items from D.C.

Random Collection of Items from the last few days when I’ve been too busy to post from D.C./RWA Convention:

• Total panic attack on the plane! That has never happened to me before. But seriously. The seat I was in was SO TIGHT, and they air wasn’t on, and the walls just closed in on me. It was… actually, not funny at all. Moving on:

• I’m so lame. I haven’t remembered to bring my camera ANYwhere. But there’s a picture here of me and the other two finalists in my category for the Rita awards here. (I’m the one in the middle.) We are holding up our handmade “Rita Finalist” flags because the real ones didn’t make it to D.C.

• Other exciting things… Went to the National Zoo (with Tina, who is on the left in the picture) and saw cheetahs and otters. The otters were SO cute. (After dogs, they’re my favorite animal. They might be my favorite, if one could keep them as a pet. But they only like to cuddle with each other.)

• Mom has been sending me pictures of Lizzie. She’s been making art with her toys. No lie! She arranges her stuffed toys into patterns. Stars and lines mostly.

• Internet surreal moment #346. My Mom is following me on Twitter. I guess I better stop Tweeting every time I go to the bar.

More on Monday!

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  1. Rosemary! I am so so happy for you. I saw those results pop up and I squeeled! Which was a bit awkward, considering I was at work at all. But Squeel all the same!! CONGRATULATIONS!


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