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1) I went to the Y to exercise this morning. I hate to exercise, but I love to eat, so I make myself go. I do Zumba, this sort of dance aerobics thing, and I love it. Free form, I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. I do okay, though, if there are steps I’m supposed to follow. Then I’m only a little Elaine-like.

Anyway. Zumba is I guess very "fusion" as far as dance styles. It’s Latin, Bollywood, Hip Hop, all that mixed together. The instructor is this cute girl, good at all of it, but I have to wonder if she thinks it’s funny, all these suburban soccer moms (and me, and I’ve mentioned how I dance) trying to do these hip-hop, salsa, belly-dancy kind of moves. (The belly dancing stuff is my favorite. I have a lot of hips to bump, though I can’t shimmy worth a darn. Too uptight, I suspect.)

2) My friend Katherine from NTRWA and DFWWW is moving to Ohio next week. I has a sad. I mention this, because Ohio keeps coming up in random ways! It’s synchronicity. Or a sign. I don’t know. But it’s freaking me out.

3) Lizzie isn’t supposed to get snacks, but I can always tell when my Mom has been sneaking her yogurt, because she is the messiest eater in the world. She just trotted into the office with all her neck fur stuck together and yogurt in her ears. Gross. The least a grandmother could do is wash off the evidence.

4) I had a dream about my Dad this afternoon. (Yes, I had a nap, what about it?) I guess because I mentioned him in my thank yous at the Rita ceremony. You may notice a running theme in my books, that my protagonists tend to have special relationships with their Dads. Not a coincidence, I guess. (Though I’m changing it up with the new book. You’ll have to find some other link between this character and yours truly. We’ve all got some corresponding quirk.)

Speaking of quirks– I rolled the dice and picked a winner from the comments on my Wednesday blog on character. Oddly enough (more synchronicity!) it’s Ailya, who wrote in with her question. Thanks for all the great comments, though. Lots of new people. Yay.

I’ll leave you with a loldog, that made me smile.

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2 thoughts on “Random Friday Stuff”

  1. *Falls off chair in utter astonishment* Seriously?!?!*Earth shattering shriek*…Uhm…I mean, *coughs* that's cool…But, with about as much absolute seriousness as I can muster with a total loser-like smile slapped on my face, THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! I had to read that little bit there at the bottom about ten times before it clicked. You see, I am, quite unfortunately, one of those pathetic souls who sits at every silent auction, random selection, and draw that looks on with hopeful-yet-knowing eyes as the winner is revealed, for, alas, it is never I. In english: This is so freaking cool 'cuz I have, like, never won anything in my ENTIRE LIFE (which is not very long if you think about it in the grand scheme of things, but I'm too busy dancing around my room to care =D ) THANK YOOOOOOOOUS! ~AliyaP.S: A confession: I did actually dance around my room and, admittedly, I am an even worse dancer than Elaine. Also, I forgot to close my blinds so I'm pretty sure my neighbors saw the whole thing. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did =D P.P.S: This is actually really freaky because I already own Highway to Hell, and just ordered Prom Dates from Hell from Amazon, but not Hell Week because they said it would take like three weeks to ship so I thought I'd buy it from my local book store instead. Being the procrastinater that I am I haven't gone yet. I suspect a greater power at work here ;P (THANKS! <3)


  2. I love your enthusiasm. 😀 Cool that you won the one book you don't have. And it'll be signed!Write to me at rosemary at readrosemary dot com and tell me where to mail your book. Make sure your mom knows you're getting a package so she doesn't think some weird, random stranger is sending you stuff.


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