This sign points the way…

Went last week to see the new Harry Potter movie. (The Half Blood Prince, duh.) Enjoyed the hell out of it. The story sure seemed to zip along while I was watching it, and it was only the two (count them: 2) bathroom breaks I required that let me know how long it was. I know there were changes from the book (and people will moan about them) but they still managed to cram an awful lot of story into one movie.

The movies have really reached the point where you really need to be familiar with, at the very least, the movies that have gone before, even if you haven’t read the books. This is really not the place to try and pick things up. LOTS of stuff going on.

My favorite stuff is on my livejournal version of this post, because I didn’t want to ambush you with SPOILERS since the movie is still fairly new. (Even if it was knocked out of the #1 spot by a bunch of talking gerbils. Seriously? Talking rodents. *shudder*)

ANyway, if you want to read my rambling opinions (and they ARE rambling) or geek out with me about the movie, click here.

But I will share this, which cracked me up because… Dude. Dumbledore in ZZTOP. How awesome would that be?

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