Highway to Hell

Field Trips and Freebies!

Missed yesterday’s blog post, which is sad, because I had it all planned! I headed up to Norman, OK, where I spoke to a YA Lit graduate class about writing, books, general blathering. They’ve been great hosts, and only made fun of my "Horny Toad" TCU sticker on my car a little bit.

So I come bearing gifts! On my website, I have Desktop Wallpapers for The Splendor Falls. They are tres awesome and artistic, so click and check it out. Thanks to for making them for me!

And while I’m on my OK field trip, I’m sending you guys to Pink Me, a blog that I enjoy reading ANYWAY, but today she’s reviewing HIghway to Hell. I think this blogger is fun and funny (she’s a librarian with pink hair!) and so it thrills me she gave H2H a great review. (This is not a children’s blog! She reviews YA books for Adult readers. However, there’s nothing untoward in this particular post.) Go read that review, then explore her site a bit.

Off to breakfast, then home to Texas. Oh, I-35, how I love you. Joy! /irony