The More the Merrier (canine edition)

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately– We’ve had a new addition to the family.

Now, Princess Lizzie and I are very close, as anyone who’s met us (or had to suffer through my showing off dog pictures) knows. But my mother has been hinting lately that she needs a new granddog. She’s been cruising petfinder.com, sending me links, pointing out how much Lizzie loves Abby (Mom’s dog), but Abby doesn’t really play, and wouldn’t Lizzie love to have someone to play with. I certainly didn’t think she’d have a problem adapting to another dog, but the timing hasn’t been right.

Well, the timing STILL isn’t right, but Mom sent me ANOTHER petfinder picture and somehow, before I knew it, I was calling Recycled Poms (a Pomeranian rescue organization) about a new family dog. (I was swayed by the fact that, in the pictures, she looks a little similar to Lizzie–more on that in a sec.)

This was going to be ‘our’ dog, part of the pack. Then on the way there, Mom starts talking about how, well, maybe SHE can have her OWN new dog, too. And I’m all: we’ll see. And then this little miniature honey bear of a dog gets in Mom’s lap, curls up and goes to sleep. Boom. Done deal. We’re going home with two dogs.

Tentatively named "Clare" because yesterday was the feast of Saint Clare, Mom’s little dog was rescued from a puppy mill. How could we NOT give her a home? She needs the kind of spoiled silly, couch potato life that Mom will give her. (Though she also loves to walk on the leash–which Mom really wanted. Her current dog, Abby, is a big fraidy cat and won’t walk on the lead.)

"My" new dog–and the quotes are because ultimately, I’m the alpha dog of this pack, so all dogs are my dogs, especially when something goes wrong–is taller and longer than Lizzie (taller and longer than I was expecting for a Pom), and has this beautiful foxy face and soft blonde puff-ball hair. She’s like a supermodel next to my cute, goofy little Lizzie (who is, like me, rather compact, though I have to admit, Lizzie had a cuter tail).

But she’s a sweetie, and everyone seem to get along okay so far. We haven’t quite worked out who gets to be where while I’m working. (The couch in my office is big enough for two dogs but not four. Well, not with me in it, too.) But I’m sure it will shake out.

Here’s a picture caught with the iPhone. I will upload better ones soon.

Clockwise from the top left that’s Abby, leaning away (she did great meeting everyone, but the photo op was a little much for her), Clare, Lizzie, and the newly christened Penny.

8 thoughts on “The More the Merrier (canine edition)”

  1. Thanks! I never cared for little dogs (for myself) until Lizzie, but she's a big dog in a little package, and has sold me on the idea that if I can't have big dogs, I'll just get a whole lot of little ones. :)(Lizzie is, of course, the one looking directly into the camera. She has a very direct personality.)


  2. hahahaha! I love the idea about having a bunch of little ones if you can't have a big one! We have a Corgi and he is such a sweetie. We got him off of craigslist from a couple who rescued him from a jerk who found him and was going to take him to a kill shelter "If someone doesn't come and get him." Arrrgh!!Now Mr. Waffles is our spoiled rotten puppy. 🙂


  3. I love people that rescue. I worked at a vet's office for umpteenmillion years because I thought I wanted to be a vet and it was really sad what we had to deal with. Some people shouldn't be allowed to spawn children much less care for innocent animals. Kudos to you for rescuing! (and your mom)


  4. We have been really lucky with our rescues. (Except for one cat, which *hated* me. Only me, though. Weird.) Mom's Abby is the only one with behavior issues, and those aren't bad ones–she's a perfectly happy dog as long as you don't make her go outside (other than the back yard). She even loves to ride in the car, as long as she doesn't have to get out of it until back home!And yes, I heard about that latest raid on a puppy mill. WTF, people.


  5. Adorable! I have one little Chihuahua-West Highland Terrier mix, and it took me seven years of begging to get him. I wish I could have so many dogs =) Thanks for rescuing!~AliyaP.S: My dog has MANY behavioral issues, the most hilarious being when he pees, he does a hand stand. No joke. It's awesome =P


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