The Splendor Falls

Bonus Monday Excerpt

For your reading pleasure, a short teaser from The Splendor Falls (which, as I may have mentioned, comes out September 8th).

Shawn said, “I could show you around the town, or whatever you wanted.”

He stood just on the edge of my personal space, smiling with boyish charm. It was a Tom Sawyer smile, the kind that could get him into, or out of, all sorts of trouble. I had no difficulty imagining that a smile like that could be Becky Thatcher’s downfall.

In a way, it was the strength of that pull that made me hesitate. Liking Shawn was very easy, and it was against my nature to do anything the easy way.

“I’ll think about it,” I said, not entirely shutting him down. “If I feel like getting dressed.”

His grin widened. “Don’t bother on my account.”

He managed to make me blush. Out in the truck, Addie leaned on the horn, and Shawn hurried to join her, letting the screen door bang behind him. The effect of his smile lingered behind him, liked the Cheshire cat’s disappearing grin.

I let Gigi out of her crate, thinking, strangely enough, about picket fences. Believe it or not, there’s a ballet Tom Sawyer. It’s by a Russian, so I wouldn’t use it to write a book report. But my point is that Tom, with his southern charm and boyish grin, was still a trickster. Maybe I needed to remember that.

I sighed, and pulled the scrunchie out of my tangled hair. As if I had any business even thinking about guys when there were big, important things to worry about, like what was I going to do with the rest of my life, and how I was going to keep from going crazy while I was stuck here.

Crazier, I mean.

Because the thing that shook me up when Shawn mentioned ghosts wasn’t the idea the house was haunted. It was that, just for a second, I hoped it was. If I was grasping at the supernatural for a lifeline where my sanity was concerned, I was a lot farther gone than I thought.

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  1. Egad! Ahhh, I am uber-excited for the release now (well even more than before anyway, if that is physically possible) and wish I could have been home for the past five days so I could have read the excerpt earlier!Loving it :)~Aliya


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