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Yesterday evening I went to the store to buy some mailing supplies (so that I can mail books to the lucky winners of the drawing). I forgot, however, about the start of school, and Staples was PACKED with parents and kids buying supplies. And I was filled with nostalgia.

When I was a kid, I used to love the start of school. It wasn’t that I was some kind of masochist–I didn’t really want summer to be over, either. But there’s something invigorating about a new year. New classes and new teachers mean a fresh start. Later maybe I would get behind on deadlines and spend all night writing my English papers and fudging data on my biology lab assignments because I let my bean sprouts die… (Er. Not that I advocate this method. Water your science experiments, guys.) But the first day of school, it’s all a clean slate and the year is all unwritten possibility. (Yes, I am an optimist by nature.)

Plus, there’s that feeling you get from brand new school supplies. Fresh new pens and clean, unmarked spiral notebooks. Your binders haven’t had Coke spilled on them yet, and you haven’t written notes and phone numbers all over the covers. There’s this Dutch saying my Oma and mom are always telling me: New brooms sweep clean. There’s just something about a fresh, clean start.

I guess this is part of my love of office supplies. It evokes that same feeling, that a new pen will give you fresh ideas. That a new notebook symbolizes a world of new possibilities. Plus there’s that feeling that THIS time, you have the chance to get it right and make it perfect. (Maybe that’s just me.)

Because I’ve always worked either a vaguely school type schedule (theatre seasons usually run summer to summer, too), September has always been more of a "new year" for me, much more so than January. It’s a time for getting my office in order and getting a fresh jump on things. I also love knowing that cooler weather is coming soon. (Relatively speaking.)

So, fess up– Do new pens and pencils and notebooks fill you with excitement? Do you go to the office supply store and get lost looking for the next wonderful thing that will help you get a fresh new start on a project? Does anyone else have to start notes for a new book with a new pen, or is that just me?

2 thoughts on “School Supplies”

  1. I love office supplies too. Probably because I love shopping! But growing up, I loved getting new school supplies and school clothes. Your post reminded me of something my older brother and I would always do. We would wear our "ratty" clothes to my grandma's house before school started. That way, when she took us shopping for having old clothes, we would get extra stuff before school started. We were pretty bad now that I think of it but what were my parents doing, letting us get away with that! =)


  2. Yummy…school supplies….Seriously though, I L.O.V.E the feeling of a new note book or pen. Definitely on my top ten favorite things list. I start school on the ninth (of September) and have yet to do any school supply shopping 😛 I'm looking forward to it though, mostly because if I'm lucky I can go super-spy on my mom and pick out some school notebooks…and maybe a shiny new one just-because ;)~AliyaP.S: New pens are awesome, particularly when they have all that beautiful ink, and run smooth, and aren't cracked and falling apart…but I have one pen that I especially love and will always be my favorite. It's a baby blue felt-like-material covered pen with a cute little blue plushy elephant on top with string arms and big black eyes 🙂 It's adorable.


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