Mixed signals

Okay, I know I said I would spare you puppy potty training stories. But this is made me laugh.

When I take Penny outside, I take a treat with me and tell her to ‘tinkle’ and she does, pretty much on cue. Just now, I was taking her out, and we were on the way to the door. I reached into the treat bowl the same time I said “Let’s go tinkle.” And boom. Instant results, right there on the floor in front of the door. Oops.

So I exclaimed “Oh no!” and Penny of course does what she always does when I tell her ‘no.’ Immediately sits and flashes me the “Is THIS what you want?” innocent look. In the puddle. So now I have a puddle, a fluffy dog who’s fluffy rear end is now, um, soaking up the puddle, and I’m laughing so hard, there’s no way I can turn this into a training moment.

In other news, Lizzie is still sick. She’s not drooping around scaring me to death with her lethargy any more, but her ear is… okay, there’s a reason I didn’t love audiology. And icky ears is #1 on the list. Ironic, yes?

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