The Splendor Falls

Yet another teaser…

Have I mentioned that The Splendor Falls comes out in eight days? Tuesday, September 8th. A week from tomorrow. 9/8/09. Just saying.

An excerpt for your enjoyment…

Chapter 1

I wanted to hate Alabama, and nothing about my arrival disappointed me.

To be fair, there aren’t many places that are easy to fall in love with in ninety degree heat and eighty-five percent humidity. The bumpy flight from my connection in Atlanta, on a miniscule plane with doll sized seats, hadn’t helped. And that was before some snafu at the gate forced us to deplane on the tarmac and ride a bus to the terminal.

I’d been out of my walking cast for two weeks. My leg throbbed like a sadistic metronome as I limped down the concourse, and the toes of my right foot were swollen like fat, pink cocktail weenies. Gigi’s carrier bag hung from my shoulder, my fingers white knuckled on the strap. Bad enough to dread something. Even worse when the pain of moving forward is more than metaphorical.

I could rest a minute, sit down between the barbecue restaurant and the souvenir shop with the confederate flag coffee mugs. For that matter, I was inside the security checkpoint. No one could come in and get me without buying a plane ticket. I could just live here until my mother and her new husband got back from their honeymoon and reported me missing.

Granted, that wouldn’t really convince anyone that I no longer needed to see a psychiatrist.

. . .