Hell Week, The Splendor Falls

Book Birthday Party!

The Splendor Falls comes out today! 

I hope Amazon delivers your pre-orders and bookstores are obligingly stocked with copies!  I haven’t been out to make the rounds yet, because I LOST A DAY this weekend. Seriously, I got up thinking it was Monday, went to check my mail and couldn’t figure out why I had an inbox full of congrats on my release. Because it’s TODAY not TOMORROW.

Not only that, but if you are cheap like me, and haven’t picked up your own copy of the award winning book HELL WEEK, you’re in luck.

Hell Week comes out in paperback today!

That’s two books!  It’s like having twins.

I know that most of you want to RUN out to your bookstore to either buy your copy while they still have some, or harangue (nicely!) the bookseller for not having it in stock. But if you’re in the DFW area, you might want to wait for Saturday, because I’m having a…

Book Release Party
Hurst (Texas) Barnes and Noble
(at North East Mall)
Saturday, September 12th
2 – 4 PM

Can’t make it that day?  Here are some other events I have coming up:

FenCon — September 18-20
Booksigning at the B&N at the Parks Mall — October 10
Buns ‘n Roses Literacy Fundraiser — October 11
Booksigning in Little Rock, AK with many other spooky book authors — October 24
Texas Book Festival — October 31

I’m also doing a bunch of guest blogs, interviews and giveaways in the next few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Book Birthday Party!”

  1. *Does amazingly dorky happy-dance**Cough* Yay? *Cough*Congrats on the majorly awesome release of your "twins" (a comparison that made me laugh my butt off) and I !can't! wait to read The Splendor Falls! I'd totally hop on a bus Right Now to buy it but it's kinda pouring here…and I have no money…=P Hopefully I can get my Dad to give me my allowance early. He saw me dance around the living room when I received Hell Week-(Btw- Thank you, thank you, thank you! All my friends think I've gone clinically insane because I won't let them touch it. Lol)-so he'll understand.Starting school tomorrow, thanks for making me smile and bounce in anticipation, even in the lurking doom that is early mornings and-dare I say it?-Math. Uhg. ~Aliya 🙂


  2. Aliya — Picturing your happy dance made me smile. It's not nearly as cute when I do it in the middle of the store when I see my book on the shelf. But I do it anyway. Good luck with the first day of school (and with the allowance thing)!Carrie — The books may be quiet, but new dogs are driving me up the wall. They might as well be babies because SHEESH!


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