Field Trips and FenCon

I’m blogging all over the place this month, so you’ll be getting a lot of field trip assignments. First is my agent Lucienne Diver’s blog. She’s also a talented author, and if you’re not reading her blog, you should. It’s full of good stuff, including this post on strong heroines and how you have to aim your rocks at their soft spots.

Then there’s this interview at Hooked on Romance. There’s a NEW EXCERPT from The Splendor Falls there, so if you’re still waiting on your copy, go read it. It’s one of my favorite moments, and I saved it for their blog because Nikki is such a doll and made sure I got on the right plane home from DC when I was a complete space case thanks to euphoria, lack of sleep, and just a little bit of anti-anxiety medicine. (Just a little.) (Note: The authors on this site write quite steamy romances, but there’s nothing racy on the link above.)

Finally, here’s my preliminary schedule for FenCon next weekend. This is much for my reference as yours. The whole schedule should be on the website soon.

Friday 5:00 pm Trinity 1/2
Non-Genre Shows We’re Watching (M)

Description: There are plenty of TV programs out there, and they don’t all have to be space opera to be enjoyable. We’ll discuss what else fans are watching these days.

Friday 8:00 pm Trinity 1/2
Reboot to the Head: The New Star Trek

Description: There’s a new Star Trek now, and we discuss if it’s a revitalization of the "Trek" enterprise, or a bad mistake. What can we expect to see in the future?

Friday 10:00 pm Trinity 3
Liars Panel

Description: Round out your evening with tall tales from convention veterans. Once the door closes, don’t believe anything you hear.

Saturday 10:00 am Director’s


Saturday 11:00 am Trinity 1/2
Sword and Sorcery Movies: The Good, the Bad, the Downright Terrible

Description: Admit it – for every good one there are three bad ones. What we love about Sword and Sorcery movies, and what…could have gone better.

Sunday 12:00 noon Trinity 1/2
Trek vs. Who (M)

Description: Which is better, Star Trek or Doctor Who? Our panelists discuss why one is the greatest Science Fiction show ever while the other is just rubbish. It’s all for fun, so come and see which show wins!

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