Upcoming DFW Events for readers and writers

I’ll be all over the DFW Metroplex the next two weekends!

This Friday, November 6th

Mansfield Writes
Are you working on your NaNoWriMo novel? Are you an aspiring writer working on something at a reasonable pace? Do you just want to know what goes into writing a novel and getting published? Then you should get yourself to Mansfield, Texas on this Friday, November 6, from 7 – 9 PM. SEVEN super authors will be speaking on the craft and business of writing, taking your questions (and signing books).

Featured authors:
Sandy Blair ("The ABCs of Solid Storytelling")
Rosemary Clement-Moore ("The Actor’s Guide to Better Writing")
Candace Havens (… I have no idea! But Candy is ALWAYS great and inspirational)
Arlene James ("And Introduction to Christian Publishing")
Wendy Lyn Watson ("Murder by Numbers: Plotting the Mystery Novel.")
William F. McKinney ("Let Your Characters Go Where They Will.")

The event takes place at the Mansfield Public Library.

This Saturday, November 7
5 – 7 PM
Southlake Barnes and Noble

This is a fundraising events for the Southlake Association for Gifted and Talented. (Perfect, since I am so very gifted and talented.) So come chat, buy books, and support education.

Other gifted and talented authors who will be there:
Lillian Stewart Carl
Suzanne Crowley (Music warning, in case you’re at work.)
Marianna Jameson
Karen Kendall
Misa Ramirez

Next Saturday, November 14th

From 2 – 4 PM — Multi-author (Like, a bazillioin local authors) booksigning at the Highland Village Barnes and Noble. (Sort of near Lewisville and Flower Mound.)

From 5 – 7 PM — Getting Fresh With Vampires. (Yes, really!) Talking about vampires with Candace Havens, who wrote (among other things) Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy, and is tapped into the current bloodsucker entertainment trend. And I’ll just be giving my Deep Philosophical Opinions about Vampires and Certain Vampire Sagas. Facilitating will be Gwen Reyes of Fresh Fiction. Should be a spirited discussion. /understatement

That smackdown will happen at the Lincoln Park Barnes and Noble, which is directly accros from North Park Mall in Dallas, TX.