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The Splendour Falls

Check out the cover for the UK edition of The Splendor Falls!

I know. Looks about the same, right? It’s missing the blood drop, and this rose is a little sharper and more violet than pinkish purple. But check out that extra letter in Splendor. So British, right? (jimsissy on Twitter quipped that the book should be even fatter with all those extra u’s.)

I wonder if they translate other differences. Like the whole pants/trousers and trunk/boot thing. (Since a major character is British… well, Welsh, he makes me point out… I tried to watch those in his dialogue at least. I hope I didn’t screw it up too badly. I’m sort of angsting about that. Because, you know, I never have enough to angst about.)

Oh, and you guys in the UK and it’s territories are so lucky. Apparently the cover price is zero pounds.

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3 thoughts on “The Splendour Falls”

  1. I will be able to tell you. I got a copy on Friday. It was wrapped in black wrapping paper and bound with red velvet. A handwritten note on wrinkled parchment paper was inside the book, and a few rose petals were scattered inside the package too. Deliciously beautiful marketing. I cannot wait to read it!


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