Restitution in Cute

I feel terrible for not posting on my blog more often, because I’m writing writing writing. To make it up to you, I shall share with you with Possibly the Cutest Thing I’ve Seen In My Entire Life.

Seriously. I cannot write any more because I’m dead from the cute.

2 thoughts on “Restitution in Cute”

  1. THANKS for that! You're right that is fabulous! I needed it this morning since last night I lost my entire book. It's 2 am, I go to save my last chapter, it won't save, then my computer restarts, no problem it was an auto backup, but I click on Liquid Story Binder and it comes up with a black screen. Not a purple screen like I had it set for, a perfectly black screen. The entire book is gone. No notes. No chapters. No Outline. No character dossiers. No character theme songs. Nothing. The entire book has disappeared. I desperately needed a cute kitty this morning. Now to find a bottle of tequila and a straw.


  2. Gah. Cute overload. Can't. Function. Properly. Me want kitty =3~Aliya P.S: I laughed my head off at the part where the person says, "You look like a little monkey!" LOL. P.P.S: @Laughing Paws, losing your book sucks. Hard. I uber hope that you find it lost in the dimensions that is messed up computers. Or at least find a really big bottle of tequila 🙂


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