So, I really love Beatles Rock Band a ridiculous amount. I love the songs, I love the little cartoons, I love the random screaming girls. Forget vampires and werewolves. If I were a teen during Beatlemania, I would be on Team Paul. I’m sort of on Team Paul now; Rock Band Avatar Paul really is really rather cute.

Of course, it helps that I love the music.

Playing Beatles Rock Band reminds of my my teen theater geeks friends. Between matinee shows we would put on Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and dim the house lights, and have elaborate air guitar concerts. My friends Tom and David loved the Beatles, and I can’t help thinking about them and my other CATS friends when I hear those opening riffs of that particular song.

Anyway. Rock Band. I’ve determined that playing bass is really my niche. I don’t want to devote the time to really practice to get good enough for lead guitar, and that stupid kick drum is my downfall when I play drums. After embarrassing myself at Rocksgiving at my friend Jenny’s house, I have gotten in sufficient practice that I hope not to repeat my humiliation when we have a rematch.

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