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On the 4th Day of Christmas… I give you Russell Crowe

Today is the fourth day of Christmas. (Or third, depending on how you count it.)*

After a week of holiday crazies, I’m back at the computer today, but I have my Christmas music going. I am in love with Tori Amos’s Midwinter Graces. I also bought Sting’s If on a Winter’s Night with my Birthday iTunes gift card, and I really like it, too. Both have winter/holiday/Christmas music that isn’t the normal overplayed, overproduced schlock you hear in the mall loudspeaker, so they actually put me in a good mood. (I managed to get through the holiday with only one trip to the mall, and that was to the attached bookstore.  Yay!)

Today I’m slogging through my mailbox so that I can enjoy the rest of my winter break. I haven’t played nearly enough Rock Band to suit me. I have, however, baked a ton of cookies, knitted fifteen scarves, moved all the furniture in the guest room, shoveled my desk out from under all the crap that seems to accumulate on it, watched Terminator: Salvation (which I liked much better than reviewers led me to anticipate).

Oh! And my favorite Christmas present?  The discovery of the trailer for Robin Hood. Oh, Summer 2010. How will I stand the wait for more Russell Crowe/ Ridley Scott historical bad-assery?

Now I must go finish answering email so that I can go watch Gladiator about a kazillion times.

Happy Holidays!


*If you’ve missed my rant lecture explanation in previous years, the "Twelve Days of Christmas" aren’t the ones leading up to the day, but rather the twelve days between Christmas Day and Epiphany on the Church calendar.  Unlike the secular season of Christmas, which the retailers kick off in November, the actual religious holiday doesn’t start until the 25th. The season preceding is "Advent" and not "Black Friday."  (I think of Mall!Christmas as a socio-cultural holiday like Thanksgiving and Valentines Day and a completely different animal than Church!Christmas. If anything, I wish they’d just call it something different, so that the non-Christians don’t hate us so much for inflicting Santa Claus and "O Holy Night" on them.)

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  1. Great blog entry, Rosemary! Like bacon in an Iron Chef battle, you can't go wrong with a Russell Crowe reference.Am soooo with ya on the Christmas deal too.


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