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I have decided I need to take the news feeds off of my live home page. Every time I open a new browser window, I have bad news from Dallas, Fort Worth, the US and the whole darn world. I’m not saying that it’s not important to keep up with what’s going on in the world. But darn it, everyone’s big problems are making my problems look small and petty, darnit. And I like my world to revolve around me.*

I’ve been lax about the blog and stuff because I’ve been under the weather. Not like dire, but sort of an ongoing low grade misery That’s why it’s very annoying when people I love have developed real health problems or Serious Auto Injuries, because I feel like a total schlep for whining about things that, while cumulative taken all together, aren’t terribly serious.

So it’s this quandary, because no one wants to hear about that, but my head hasn’t really been around coming up with other topics either.

But today I have good news, so I’ll post it. Highway to Hell made the ALA’s 2010 List of Best Books for Young Adults. I’m so excited, y’all. It’s just surreal to see my name listed along with authors I admire. (Or, you know, worship.) There are some great books on that list and there I am, too!

Highway to Hell is my personal favorite of the Maggie books (Shhh… I know I’m supposed to love all my children equally, so don’t tell the others.) I know other people have other favorites, and I’m not saying it’s the BEST of the books, but it’s just personal preference.

So, there’s that! Congratulations to all the authors on the list, especially people I actually know, like Suzanne Crowley and Carrie Ryan.


*This is ironic, for those that don’t know me. I believe the complete opposite. Except about once a month, when I wish I could lay on the couch and have scantily clad men fan me with ostrich feathers and rub scented oil on my temples and feed me dates and Krispy Kreme Donuts all day.

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  1. I switched the CNN feed with the Reddit feed about a year ago, and it makes me sooo happy. If something super serious happens, it usually makes the front page there, but otherwise I can just be oblivious.I do enjoy ignorance!


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