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Weekend Update

Hey writer types. Today is Friday, so check out my Genreality post today, which concerns the deceptively simple question: "What do you write?"

Here’s the update on my grandmother. After the car accident she was in 3 weeks ago, she kept getting worse, not better, and every time they sent her home from the hospital, we’d end up back in the ER a day or two later.  Eventually they figured out she had congestive heart failure. Now, on ER and Gray’s Anatomy, this would mean she had only until the end of the episode to live, but actually you can get along okay for awhile. Sometimes a good long while, comparatively speaking.  So she’s been at a rehab hospital building up her strength, and she’ll coming home today. Which will make her SO happy.  What can I say. The women in my family are set in their ways, like their own STUFF and not to be on anyone elses schedule. But we do what we have to do.

Speaking of schedules. Mine is heating up again.  I’m off to Aggie Con in College Station, TX this weekend. (My schedule is below so you’ll know where to find me.)  And on February 18th, I’m doing a LIVE WEB CHAT on Fiercebook.  Details on that to come.  And a booksigning in Denton, TX on February 20th.

Here’s my AggieCon schedule.

5 PM  Paper or Plastic. The Great E-Reader Debate.

7 PM "Out of Context" – Audience participation is a must as our guests make up science fiction/fantasy definitions for obscure words and abbreviations. (Think Balderdash with a spec fic twist!) (I don’t know why I get picked for these things. You’d think I was a good bull***t artist or something. ahem.

11 AM "Sorcerers in the Sewers, Dragons in the Penthouse"  Urban Fantasy Panel

12 PM "Writing Workshop Part I, Criticism 101" – Bring the first few pages of your manuscripts to get feedback by professional writers.

3 PM  "Sci-Fi Stitch and Bitch"  Bring your knitting, sit around and talk. What could be more fun.

4 PM  Fashion Show!  Everyone shows of their fancy SFF duds, and I’m the MC so please come and pretend I’m entertaining.

8 PM "Do Kids Still Get Goosebumps?" – YA and kidlit panel.

9 PM "Geek Chic TV" – Is nerd back in? (Answer: When did it go out?)

11 AM "A Warlock, a Demon and a Monk Walk Into a Bar" – What’s so funny about sci fi and fantasy?

12 PM "Colonel Mustard In the Drawing Room with the Wrench…"  Fantasy and Mystery crossovers.

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  1. I'm so happy it wasn't anything more serious for your Grandma! Hellos and get-well-soon-wishes from Canada (I'm sorry I'm a little late with that last comment :])Also, GAH! Everything sounds like so much fun! If only a lived a border or so closer 😉


  2. Hee! Aliya, even if you lived closer to the border it wouldn't help. Where I am is almost to the border of Mexico. The only way I could get farther from Canada is if I lived in the Florida Keys. :-DBut I hope I'll get to come up there someday! I have a passport and everything.


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