Snow Day!

Hey. I posted my weird ideas of what’s romantic over on the Genreality blog. Go over there and tell me the most oddly romantic scene you’ve read, watched, or written. (Some of you have heard my theory of why that scene in Aliens is the basis for my romantic ideal. And no, not the "get away from her, you bitch" scene. I’m not THAT screwed up.)

In real craziness, in addition to the family drama, and personal health drama that i’ll tell you about if it turns out to be anything but I’m still hoping it won’t, we’ve had record breaking snow in North Texas.  Like almost a foot of snow. I know that’s not much for some of you, but considering that one inch is cause for a major freakout here, 11.4 is crazy. 

Now, at the risk of sounding really provincial, I’ve only seen this much snow once in my life–when I went on a high school ski trip. The thing is, no one here is really prepared to deal with this. We don’t own snow boots or snow shovels. (Though I do own galoshes, which keep my feet dry, if not warm.) Or snow tires. We have salt trucks for icy roads, but those just go on the highway. Few people here know how to drive in the stuff. It’s nuts. But also beautiful and sort of fun.

Here’s just a few of the pictures I took. 
Snow Day
The backyard this morning.

Penny in the snow yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t nearly as deep as it is now.

This is the spot I cleared to give the dogs a place to do their business. Penny was the only one remotely curious about the snow (and so the only one I’ve got pictures of), but even she was daunted this morning.

I hope you’re all keeping warm, wherever you are. It’s a great day to curl up with a good book. Just saying! 

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. haha that's pretty much ho wherc felt about it too. Everyone is all "Oh, a foot of snow… big whoop" But they don't get that I've never even SEEN snow like this, and I am assiming this is just what their houses look like all the time. It's pretty and all, but I couldn't just live with it or anything 🙂


  2. and those books of yours *are* pretty awesome. (confession: I'm a total fan. I reviewed a few of your books here, just in case you ever need to point someone in the general direction of shameless fawning.)


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