Guinea Pigs and Bad Dogs

I am practicing using my Dragon speaking program for my blog posts. Just being upfront about that in case it says anything weird. For examples, see this post here. I’ve also noticed he doesn’t like it when I yell at my dogs. If you ever see a blog post with the weird interjection, like, "Penny, stop that!" Or "Penny, where did you get that?" Or, just a general, "what the hell is going on here?!?" You’ll know why.

Anyway, my first attempt, is over here: at my Genreality post for Friday.

You’ll also find my guest post on the fictionista’s blog (yeah, I figured that word would give it trouble. Since I use so many made-up words, let’s hope this thing has a steep learning curve.) Anyway I’m talking about the joys of being a nerd, so go check it out and confess your secret dorkitude.

Most important, if you live in the North Texas area, you’ll want to come and say hi at the Denton Barnes & Noble this Saturday (February 20th) from two to 4 PM. I will be signing books with four other North Texas authors. The details are here, and I hope to see you there.

That’s it for me today. More news and blathering (it recognized blathering! It’s already getting to know me.) on Monday. Catch you then, peeps!