And They Solve Crime!

One of the problems coming up with blog topics, is that writers, contrary to public image in the media (I’m looking at you, Richard Castle.) Our day-to-day lives aren’t really that exciting. I mean, they are, in the sense that we have a really cool job making stuff up, controlling our little fictional universes, like demigods. But with the exception of certain crime fighting crime novelists, it just doesn’t make good television, watching someone sit on their butt staring at a computer 8 to 10 (to 12 to 18) hours a day.
Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle
(So today I could change it up and tell you about the last three days I spent lying on the bathroom floor, in between calls to Ralph on the porcelain phone. It would be TMI, but at least it would be dramatic.)

But if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a reader, so you know that living in your head really IS exciting, in a way that TV can never fully catch. Not until they invent five sense surround sound-smell-taste-touch-ovision. And as much as I love movies, and you know I love movies, there’s nothing like vicariously living in adventure in the pages of the book. It’s probably as close to Avatar as I’ll ever get. (As hard as it is to reconcile that I’ll never get to ride a pterodactyl.)

For me the writing experience is very much like creating that surround-o-vision movie in my head. The challenges come from keeping it exciting for you and putting all those senses, the full 5D role-playing experience, into words that will transmit it into your head like an avatar interface. Put in those terms, that’s a pretty damn exciting job.

Even if I’m not solving crimes on the side.

3 thoughts on “And They Solve Crime!”

  1. haha I hear ya. Sometimes I'm all about the blog posts, I try to avoid talking about writing… but I just can't help it since that's ALL I do these days.


  2. Well, I'll be honest, both of you are at least doing better than me–I just got out of the shower…after I watched a movie this morning. Getting-up the day after workshop is a whip.


  3. I love the picture you chose. Drool-worthy. And yeah, it's a big pain in the butt coming up with anything interesting to talk about on ze blog (especially making it non-writing related.) A challenge is good, no?


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