Quick foxes and sleeping writers

I had the coolest/weirdest dream last night. George Clooney was in it, but he wasn’t George Clooney, he was just this guy who LOOKED like GC.

People kept coming up to him and saying: Are you…?
And he’d say: No, I’m not.
And they’d say: Cause you look just like…
And he’d say: I get that all the time.
And they’d say: And you sound like The Fantastic Mr. Fox*.
And he’d be like: He copied my voice.

Anyway, Not!George worked for a hotel, that had this crazy archive in the basement, full of things that famous people had left behind after they stayed there. There was FDR’s cigarette case, and Jenny Lind‘s porcelain jewelry holder. (Don’t ask me why. It was pretty and pink and shaped like a castle.)

That’s the thing that I love about dreams. Sometimes they’re filled with the strangest, but incredibly vivid details. Why a Swedish opera singer from the 1800’s?  Why a pink porcelain castle? Even the smooth, cool feel of it was so tactile! And this big, huge room full of artifacts and knickknacks. Some of it priceless, some of it junk. The room smelled musty and the ventilation was exposed overhead.

We had to catalog and move all these things because the hotel was being torn down. I kept investigating every item and Not!George kept telling me to hurry up. He wasn’t very nice. I’m sure the real George Clooney would have a much better sense of humor.

What’s the strangest, most random thing that’s popped up in your dreams?

*Which is so random because I haven’t even seen that movie. However, I did watch a National Geographic show about foxes. That’s the only connection I can figure.

3 thoughts on “Quick foxes and sleeping writers”

  1. I think I once dreamed I was a guy–and that was really weird, 'cause I was James Bond-ish and doing spy things…yeah, it was weird. Maybe one too many movies for me. Your dream sounds really vivid…kinda cool, but kinda weird, too…was it really a dream, or did you live it?


  2. I wouldn't mind dreaming about George Clooney…even Not!GC. My bestfriend in elementry used to have the same dream at least once a month: A pink flying donkey was chasing her through a maze with flashing exit signs everywhere. She quite enjoyed that dream. ~Aliya


  3. Chantal– I've dreamed I was a guy before, but that's not unusual because I'm often not myself. I mean, I'm experiencing the dream, but I'm a different character than… um, me. Aliya– pink flying pony! That's awesome. I used to have maze dreams all the time when I was a kid. Only I was being chased by skeletons. Not as fun.


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