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Hello New Zealand

So, The Splendor (Splendour) Falls comes out in New Zealand tomorrow. I didn’t make a big deal about the UK release date because it happened in the middle of my grandmother’s car accident/heart attack/rehab. So UK people, don’t be offended. I mean, I’ve actually VISITED your country. Countries, I mean.
Now, one of the coolest things about being a published writer is getting mail from readers on the other side of the globe. My books have been read all over (waving to Hong Kong and the Philippines). But it’s really neat to have international versions. I guess it makes me feel like a citizen of the world.

Plus it’s New Zealand. Middle Earth! (You know they must love that, right?) But I’ve always had this obsession with NZ because it is so gorgeous. I mean, just look:

Also, I might have mentioned, I have sort of a thing for this guy:
Ah, Russell Crowe. I admit that half the reason I’m looking forward to Clash of the Titans is that Maximus gave me a permanent love for men in short leather skirts.
And then there’s my first New Zealand crush:
That’s Sam Neill (next to Jonathan Rhys-Myers just because… Jonathan Rhys-Myers is hotter than Henry VIII should be.) Slightly cheating because Sam Neill was born in Northern Ireland then raised in NZ. But… makes the list because he held is own with Meryl Streep and also Velociraptors. And also Henry VIII.
And just so I don’t look completely sexist and shallow, I must include…
Lucy Lawless. Hot as a Warrior Princess, and as a Cylon.
So, yay New Zealand. I think you’re pretty cool. Hope you don’t hate my book.
ETA: OMG. I almost forgot one!
That would have been a shame.
Did I miss anyone else?

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