"Mosquitos Suck" Contest

I hate mosquitoes. There’s this pivotal scene in Highway to Hell that draws on my experience in south Texas, where some days, if you stand still for an instant, you’re covered in the little bloodsuckers.

But that’s not so bad, relatively speaking. Because in Africa, the bite of one mosquito can transmit malaria, a disease which kills one person every 30 seconds.

Can you believe that a $10 mosquito net could save someone’s life? It can.

The United Nation Foundation’s Nothing but Nets Campaign is a global, grassroots effort dedicated to saving lives by preventing malaria in Africa. When you make a $10 donation, 100% of your contribution goes directly toward purchasing and distributing an insecticide-treated mosquito net and teaching the recipient to use it properly.

$10. That’s the cost of two venti frappe-mocha-latte drinks. To help save someone’s life.

To celebrate the paperback release of Highway to Hell, we here at team RCM (also a grassroots organization) are going to do something a little different.

Make any size donation to the Nothing But Nets Campaign, and you will be entered in a drawing to win one of a growing list of prizes:

• $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble
• An ARC (advanced reading copy) of my next book (finished, but still untitled).
• A signed (and personalized) set of all three Maggie Quinn novels.
• $25 gift card to Borders Books from Courtney Milan*

• $25 gift card to Borders from Carrie Lofty*
• $25 gift certificate to the online bookstore of winner’s choice, from Tessa Dare*

• One of five signed copies of Highway To Hell (by me).

• A signed copy of Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready
• A signed copy of Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
• One of five copies of On The Steamy Side‡ by Louisa Edwards*
• One of five copies of Hell Fire‡ by Ann Aguirre*

*Authors of grown up type fiction
‡Grown up type books. (Under 18 will have YA books to chose from. Over 18 can do what they like. 😉 )
If you are under eighteen, ask your parents to help you with this!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to Nothing but Nets and click “Donate Now.” (Or click here to go directly to the donation page.)
  2. When you receive an email confirming your donation (it will have the amount, but we will treat a one dollar donation the same as a hundred dollars), forward it this email address:

    NoMoreBugs at readrosemary dot com

    Subject: “Mosquitoes Suck” Contest

  3. Tell your friends!

You have until April 29th to make a donation. We will draw winners on April 30th.

Note 2: Don’t forget to forward your donation confirmation! I have no other way to know you donated!

Post any questions in the comments, or e-mail me at rosemary at readrosemary dot com. (Please use the nomorebugs address only for entries.)

That’s the deal. Even if you can’t enter, help me spread the word!

Disclaimers: I have no ties to Nothing But Nets or the United Nations Foundation or any of their partners. Book prizes are donated by me or their authors.

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