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Highway to Hell goes paperback

Cue the Beatle’s Birthday song. (Na na na na NAna nana… two three four)

Highway to Hell comes out in trade paperback today.
When Maggie and Lisa head to the beach for Spring Break, they get more action than they bargained for when a Jeep accident strands them in a one horse town where the locals are convinced El Chupacabra is killing their cattle. Having faced demons, sorcerers, and sorority sisters, Maggie and her allies should have no trouble with a Mexican mythical beast, right?
Go bug your bookseller to put it on the shelf. Oh, and if you want to buy a copy while you’re there, that would be okay with me, too!
Remember, all month I’m running a contest to celebrate the paperback edition of Maggie’s adventure in South Texas. When Maggie runs into killer mosquitos in Highway to Hell, they’re (mostly) fictional. But in parts of the world, mosquitos are real killers.
Anyone who donates to Nothing But Nets (a grassroots campaign to end malaria in Africa by distributing treated mosquito nets) from now until April 29th will be entered to win one of a growing list of prizes, including bookstore gift cards, an advanced reading copy of my next book, and tons of books donated by fabulous authors.
And happy book birthday to me!

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  1. Happy Book Birthday to youuu!Happy Book Birthday to youuuuuuuu!Happy Book Birthday, dear Rosemaryyyyyyy!*Screeching into high falsetto*HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ❤ Aliya


  2. What a cool purpose to raise money for! I'm super excited to start the series and read PROM DATES FROM HELL as soon as I can get to a place in my revisions where I don't feel guilty for some fiction reading.


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