Elementary my dear Holmes…

I love Sherlock Holmes. My dad was a big fan, and introduced me to Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries when I was just a tyke. We watched every version of Holmes on the screen, too.

There’s the classic, Basil Rathbone of course:


Dad loved Jeremy Brett from the BBC series, and considered him the closest to the Holmes in the stories.


I, on the other hand, loved Rupert Everett in the Masterpiece Theater movie below, probably closest to the fantasy Holmes in my head. 🙂


Holmes has even been played by Max Headroom.


But I know a lot of people rather like the new, Robert Downey Jr., take on the character.


Why do I ask? Because I watched the movie last week, of course.

Though I don’t think Dad would have approved, I was okay with how Robert Downey Jr. played Holmes, mostly because of how much I loved Jude Law as Watson. They had great buddy/bromance chemistry, and their relationship rang true for how I picture the duo. Holmes has always needed Watson to make him human, and in this case, I put up with Downey/Holmes’ annoying tics because Watson does, and it makes him more lovable through his friend’s eyes.

Sadly, as far as the plot of the recent movie is concerned, I found a lack of mystery in the mystery. The action/fight scenes were fun, and I know that ‘too much action’ is a silly complaint. But I can’t help thinking there could have been a little better balance between puzzler and pugilist. Just a little trickier in the who-dun-it would have made it more… I don’t know. Sherlock Holmes.

(Also… Why are people calling this Steampunk? Because it’s gritty Victorian with bad science?)

Anyhoo. Obviously this is going to be a franchise, and I didn’t dislike the movie. It’s worth renting, and I’d definitely give a sequel a chance. But only if Jude Law comes back as Watson.

Thoughts? Am I completely wrong? Is Downey the Best. Holmes. Ever? Are you a purist? Or do you prefer the Max Headroom version?

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3 thoughts on “Elementary my dear Holmes…”

  1. I totally agree with your Dad, Jeremy Brett was perfect as Sherlock Holmes and fit closest to the stories. I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr but he was not truly Holmes. I ignored what I knew and just enjoyed the movie as a Victorian thriller. 😛 Like you I've watched a ton of incarnations. I've even watched the Japanese animated version where they are dogs! lol.Jeremy Brett forever though! Heh


  2. I bought the RD Jr. version – LOVE IT. I have to admit I haven't watched many of the older versions because they seemed too stiff for me.Jude Law was great. I've watched it several times to really "get to know" these characters.


  3. I agree, I thought that there could have been a little more mystery in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I haven't actually read the books but I was expecting more of a mystery to the movie.


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