iLesson: Step away from the Internet, and no one gets hurt

Sometimes people tell me “I don’t have time to write.” (Okay, actually, this was me telling myself that.) But If I’m really honest with myself, I waste a lot of time on things that are suppose to SAVE me time. Theoretically, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is supposed to make it easier to keep up with what’s going on in the world. But really?

Here’s how my daily blog reading usually goes:

1) Scroll through the google reader.
2) Ooo, Tera Lynn Child posted a YouTube video.
3) Ooo, look at the latest LOLcat video.
4) OMG, new Robin Hood trailer.
5) What is Russell working on next? I’ll just pop over to IMDB and take a look…

So the next time you think you don’t have time to write (or read, or do homework) look at much time you spend reading blogs, commenting on facebook, yadda yadda yadda. Make time for your favorite blogs (like this one!), but realize that sometimes you have to step away from the Internet to get stuff done.

And don’t get annoyed with your favorite authors (like me!) when they don’t blog for a week. The good news is, we’re most likely writing our next masterpiece!

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