Friday Five: Happiness is…

It’s Genreality day. Today’s post is on tips for writer happiness, adapted from the tips from some guests on the Today Show earlier this week. You should go read it.

It prompted me to note five things that are making me happy right now:

  1. My thyroid biopsy came back negative, so I don’t have cancer, and I don’t have to have the other half of my thyroid out. Yay!
  2. I’m watching David Tenant and Sir Patrick Stewart in Hamlet (recorded from PBS).
  3. My friend Jamie featured The Splendor Falls in her Spreading the Awesome blog post (until today (Friday) to comment to win a signed copy of the book. So run over there and comment to enter.)
  4. I’m (finally) getting the air conditioning fixed in my Jeep. Because it’s already 90 degrees here, which doesn’t make me happy, and neither does the cost of the repair, but I’m focusing on the positive: Not dying of heat in the car.
  5. Puppies!


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Happiness is…”

  1. Oh, and for the record that Amy librarian girl up there ^^ She and I went to high school together… she knew me when I was an uber geek.unless, I'm still an uber geek. DARNIT!


  2. Congrats on good results for the thyroid test. I'm sure that's a huge releif. I can't wait to read SPLENDOR FALLS. I just finished my signed copy of PROM DATES FROM HELL today 🙂


  3. Jamie, as long as I get a free copy of your first book, I won't tell any crazy stories. ;)And I can't say anything about you being a geek – we stalk all the same people!!


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