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Book News!

Cue drumroll…

The trade paperback of The Splendor Falls
comes out on January 11, 2011.


1/11/11. How cool is that! So for those of you who are cheap (like me!) and have been waiting for the book to come out in paperback, you have… well, still a bit of a wait. If you think you can wait that long, you can already pre-order the paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You may notice, there’s no cover image for the paperback on those sites. That’s because TSF is getting a new and ultra spiffy cover for the rerelease! I’m so excited. It’s gorgeous. I can only show you a teaser right now (*points to picture*), but I’ll let you know how you can get a sneak peak soon.

And… (more cowbell drumroll, please)…

My next new novel will be released in June 2011. So about a year from now. Seems like forever, I know. The title?

Texas Gothic

What do you think? Two words that you’d never put together? Does it make you say Ew, Texas or Ooo, Gothic?

In honor of the new title, let’s have a quick and dirty contest. (Well, not dirty.) In the comments post what you think a book called “Texas Gothic” might be about.

I’ll give you two hints:
1) It’s not a sequel to The Splendor Falls, but it has some things in common with it.
2) It has nothing to do with black eyeliner or striped and/or fishnet stockings.

Be as creative, crazy or silly as you want. Prizes for the funniest, most romantic, most spooky, and most like the real book*. Let’s go ’til Friday to give you time to think of something good.

*Members of the League of IHOP Writers are ineligible for this category.

9 thoughts on “Book News!”

  1. Texas Gothic – the story of an old haunted house out in the middle of nowhere. Is it haunted? Nobody knows for sure. There has to be some explanation for the mysterious lights and strange sounds that surround it at night. Only the talking coyote knows the truth, and he's not telling. Well, maybe if you ask nicely.


  2. I agree with Jackfate1! Texas Gothic sounds like some sort of mysterious gothic tale, with a haunted house in the middle of nowhere and more of those *awesome* sqeee-worthy characters like Rhys.. 🙂


  3. Texas Gothic…hmmm…would take place in the depths of the Alamo. An underworld romance based purely on breathtaking architecture.


  4. Oooh, "Texas Gothic" sounds great. Is it like "American Gothic" but with big hair and sweet tea? Because that would be too awesome for print. You know, traditional family scene: Mom, Dad, White Picket Fence, 2.5 Kids… But underneath is a secret. A dark, dark secret. Here's a visual rendition:


  5. *mutter mutter* Plan may have backfired if readers come up with better ideas than actual book. *mutter*squee-worthy. Sweet!Misty–Bonus points for mentioning the Alamo, shrine of Texas.Leigh– Awesome! Pic! I tried to comment on twitpic but it didn't like me.


  6. Hmm..I say it's similar to TSF in that there'll be a girl that discovers supernatural workings while in Texas. And throw in a cowboy or two (pardon the stereotyping but it seems cool!), a ranch, GHOSTS, and a mystery..hehe. And like TSF, which tied in closely with the Civil War, I think Texas Gothic will have something to do with the Mexican-American war maybe? I think someone above mentioned the Alamo! Ghosts from the Alamo, perhaps? OH OH OH and the food…..yes? Maybe some delicious food thrown into the mixture? :DThis is purely speculative because I am so excited!! Please let us know as soon as you have a solid release date! (0=


  7. Press Release from the Imaginary Publishing House:Coming to a bookstore near you: Rosemary Clement-Moore’s latest soon-to-be-classic: Texas Gothic!Imagine if the Bronte sisters had lived on the Texas prairie instead of the English moors…Jane Air is home from college, and making a little money this summer by tutoring a young teenager named Catherine Rochester in math to keep the poor kid from having to repeat 8th grade, defiantly a fate worse than death. However, visiting the house to give lessons, Jane meets the very strange Rochester family. Mrs. Rochester seems to be never there, Mr. Rochester is tight lipped about… something, there are odd noises coming from the attic, Catherine holds séances to try and contact Heth Ledger from beyond the grave, and just when Jane thinks she should quit and take up a nice, sane job waitressing, something wicked this way comes…


  8. Having driven down Texas roads, the words "Texas Gothic" make a lot of sense to me. 🙂 Between NW Louisana and Palestine, TX here appearto be nothing but historical markers and cemetaries. So my assumption on the subject of this book would be a journal of someone's adventures along the highways and byways of Texas. 🙂


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