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Texas Gothic

I’m off by a day.

Long weekends always through me off. Yesterday I thought it was Sunday, today was Monday when I woke up. It’s a good thing I figured things out mid day or I would miss my plane. (I’m headed to Birmingham (Alabama) tomorrow.)

ANYway, last week I posted book news, which is that the paperback of The Splendor Falls comes out on January 11, 2011, and that I have a new book, titled Texas Gothic, coming out in early summer.

Then I asked y’all what you thought a book with that title would be about, which was a big mistake, because your ideas were so good, I’m totally stealing them intimidated that the actual plot won’t measure up. That’s what I get for having creative readers.

All the comments were so great, anyone who submitted one gets a prize. (You just have to wait until I get back from Alabama next week, provided I don’t wig out (again) on the plane and end up detained by Homeland Security.)  Just email me at rosemary at readrosemary dot com and I’ll send you a neato keen button… either Maggie Quinn or Splendor Falls. (Or both, if you ask nicely. But only one each.)

What’s the book really about?

Amy Goodnight is the only normal one in a family of psychics, ghost whisperers, kitchen witches and mad scientists. She’s looking forward to escaping her family’s reputation in college, but first she has to spend the summer farm-sitting for her Aunt Hyacinth.  Unfortunately, she can’t escape the freaky, as magic, ghosts, dead bodies, ancient secrets and modern feuds keep her hopping. (And one handsome cowboy just keeps her hopping mad.)

If you like the Maggie Quinn books, you’ll definitely like Amy and her sister Phin, and if you enjoy The Splendor Falls, this has a lot of the spooky romance from that book, plus the adventure of the Girl vs. Evil series. Something for everyone.


Except vampires.

Talk to you next from Beautiful Birmingham!

(Dear Homeland Security. Just kidding about wigging out. Really. I’ll be fine.)

5 thoughts on “Texas Gothic”

  1. I was just recently in Birmingham and found it strangely charming. Of course, I live in Utah, so Alabama is… *exotic.* But have fun anyway. The carbs there are delightful.


  2. Well, 1. awesome that we all win, 2. good luck with Homeland Security! and 3. I can't WAIT to read. It seriously sounds fab.


  3. So my personal-suckage increased by about 100% when I realized I missed out on epic-button-ness through my failure to comment (really though, I blame math projects…just sayin' 😉 )But then there was this freaking-epic-to-infinity thing revealed called Texas Gothic that is the definition of hybrid-of-awesomeness and World-Suckage decreased by about 3345698342436341249.2%So, you know, I think it all evens out. ~AliyaPS: Have fun in Birmingham!


  4. Kerry– I really like Birmingham. I'm from Texas, which, as they say, is a whole other country, but yes, Birmingham IS oddly charming. Lovely gardens, high quality museums, and some gorgeous and eclectic architecture downtown. Made it back, managed to hold it together on the plane. Yay!Alia, you can have a button just because you *always* make me smile. Kay, Thanks for posting that great review! I hope your students enjoy the book as much as you did. 😀 Let me know if you want bookmarks for your class. I'm a little behind on my mail outs, but I'll be happy to send you some.(I really wish blogger had nested comment threads.)


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