A day in the life… (iLesson)

These are all the things that have happened since I sat down to write this post at 8:23 a.m.

08:35        The Fed-Ex van arrives. Dogs go crazy.

08:40        The package contains my edits on Texas Gothic. I go crazy.

09:00        Cease hyperventilating, resolve to finish iLesson and Genreality post for tomorrow before further freak out.

10:13        Business phone call.

10:45        Leaf-blower-of-doom arrives. Dogs go crazy. I go crazy.

11:10        Two dogs need to go out.

11:15        Family phone call.

11:20        Two more dogs need to go out.

11:21        One dog doesn’t finish business outside, so finishes inside. Wipe up floor.

11:30        I break a (full) glass. Sweep floor, mop, sweep again, vacuum, mop one final time for slivers.

12:00        Cannot remember Hemingway quote for iLesson. Google “Hemingway on writing.” Spend an hour reading amusing but irrelevant quotations and anecdotes.

12:05        Explained to Mom that “⌘C” is useless without “⌘V”. (Sorry Mom. But that was kind of funny.)

12:30        Lunchtime. Mom makes her lunch. Dogs go crazy.

1:05 pm        Consider running away to Key West to live with bottle of scotch and house full of polydactyl cats.

1:14. Have abandoned original post, and thanks to reader suggestion, gone in a different direction.

People say to me (a lot) “I wish I could just stay at home and write without the distractions of a full time job.” To which I say, there is no such thing as a world without distractions. And these are just the things I can’t control. I didn’t mention the temptation distractions, like Supernatural on TNT every morning or the sale at the mall or “just one game” of Rock Band.

I say with embarrassment that I spent my time much more productively when I had a “day job” and could only write at night. I wrote more in those stolen two or three hours than I sometimes do now all day. I guarded my writing time preciously, knowing I only had that much, and no more.

Even now, I sometimes don’t even bother trying to produce new prose during they day, but stay up late to write when dogs, moms, and lawn services have gone to bed. I know writers who get up at 4 am to write before their kids wake up for school.

Whatever works.

Make the most of your time, however much time you have. Don’t be afraid to guard that time, and stress the importance of it to your family… and to yourself!

3 thoughts on “A day in the life… (iLesson)”

  1. Meaning where did my coffee figure in all that? Or possibly, why didn't I run away to the coffee shop and get some uninterrupted work done? :-)I make a huge pot of coffee at home every morning. As for the other… Well, I'd have to change out of my pajama pants. 😀


  2. At least you’re productively distracted. Sometimes I just sit there and zone out for ten minutes about completely (awesome) irrelevant things :p~AliyaP.S: Welcome Back!P.P.S: I take back the comment about my "irrelevant" daydreams. Irrelevancy doesn't apply to preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.


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