Field Trip!

Y’all should trot over here to Whimsical Fic-ery, an absolutely charming blog, where the absolutely charming Leigh interviewed me about Maggie Quinn and the gang, plus the whole nature of good and evil thing. I suspect magic may be at work, because I was pretty laid back in the interview, dishing on Lisa and my opinion on demons on the Internet. (I know. Asking for trouble.)

Click over, for no other reason than to check out their truly whimsical header, complete with owls and toadstools. Leave some comment love, and if you ask a follow up question to anything I’ve said there, I’ll answer. (Within reason. I can’t give away too many secrets.)

2 thoughts on “Field Trip!”

  1. You were really amazing to be so open and obliging. It was a TON of fun, and I know several people bookmarked for when they're DONE with the books. ;)P.S. Thanks for the header love! It was so much fun to make.


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