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Touchdown, Orlando

I’m in Florida. Soooooo Sleeeeeepy. Have determined that:

1) It is Freaking Hot and Humid in Florida. I mean, I thought Texas was hot, but central FL is a whole other annex of hell.

2) I can sweat off sunscreen as fast as I can apply it.

3) Disney World really is in the middle of a swamp.

4) You can see the turrets of Hogwarts from the road to Disney/Universal. But not if you are (supposed to be) driving. Also, your passengers will gloat over seeing it when you didn’t.

5) The bellmen and parking valets at this hotel have seriously attractive accents. Who knew?

6) The fireworks at Epcot go off (extremely loudly) at 9PM. If you scream “Holy $#%^!” when they do, people with children WILL give you (extremely) dirty looks.

7) The Steamboat Pale Ale in the Big River restaurant on the boardwalk is very good, and quite effective on an empty stomach after driving 8 hours.

8) The stores stay open late to give you every opportunity to purchase Disney Merchandise. Also, Dooney & Burke makes Mickey Mouse purses. Um… just saying.

9) Eastern Time zone is great at bed time, but not so much in the morning.

10) The people in the room next door let their kids stay up WAY too late.

See you in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Touchdown, Orlando”

  1. Wish I was there!!!!!! I love DIsney World.I am seriously wanting one of the D&B Mickey Mouse purses. I love their whimsical style as it is, to have MM on it would be amazing.


  2. My family and I took a trip to Disney World when I was in Grade three. The entire time we were there we wandered around in shorts while the natives of Florida were decked out in sweaters and hats. They could ogle all they want at my Canadian body temperature; I was too busy jumping around in the two-person lineups for all the water rides to care 😉 Hope you have a great time! (Screaming kids included ;))~Aliya


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