Boardwalk Ramble

So, this morning, I had to get out of the hotel for awhile. I actually feel bad for the Equinox, sitting lonely in the parking lot. I wanted to get out and drive somewhere, take advantage that I have an actual car here. Only I was worried I might not find my way back. Well, the car has On Star, so I wouldn’t have actually gotten lost, but I might have gone too far afield and not gotten back in time, and I’m the type who worries (obsessively) about these things.

ANYWAY. I put on my gym clothes, thinking that was a start. Headed for the gym. Somehow ended up walking out of the hotel instead, and going over to Disney’s Boardwalk. It’s build to resemble the turn of the century boardwalks in Atlantic City and all that.

Here. A picture is worth a thousand words:
Oh, well, you have to ignore that big pyramid thing back there. That’s my hotel, the Dolphin. Nice, but not exactly turn of the century Atlantic coast.

Anyway. I walked down to the Boardwalk Bakery, stood in line for an egg and cheese croissant and a cup of coffee, then took it outside and sat on a bench to eat. It was only 8 am, so while I was dripping from the sauna humidity, the sun was still low enough that I could still breath, just not deeply.

Here was my view of the vacation condos across the lagoon:
They’re pretty swank, with activities and very fancy pools and stuff. But mostly I dig the lighthouse and the shipwreck. Obviously the lighthouse isn’t very effective. (I walked around the lagoon, which, as it turns out, is a solid mile, so I felt less guilty about skipping the gym after I found that out.)

While I was eating, I had a visitor:
This guy was very interested in my sandwich. I MAY have *accidentally* dropped a few crumbs into his waiting beak. I’m a sucker for beady little eyes.

As it happens, the egg and cheese croissant had WAY too much cheese on it, even for me, so I ate enough to silence my mother’s voice in my head telling me to eat some protein, then I just peeled off the yummy croissant part. Disney is surprisingly not very vegetarian friendly. Most menus have only one meatless option (not counting a dinner side salad). That surprises me, with visitors from all over the world. So it’s been a bit of a challenge getting protein.

Anyway. I was sitting there, feeling all Boardwalk-y, and vacation-y, except for the sauna and the complete lack of breeze. Then a bird splat landed on my shoe, and I decided it was time to walk back.
Could be worse. Could have been in my coffee.

Tonight, the Rita Awards, where I get to present the award to some lucky YA author!

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  1. I stayed in the Beach Club (the one with the Pirate Ship by the pool) a few months ago. It was totally amazing for the kids and I want to go spend a whole week there and just skip the "Disney" part. 😉 (I'm lucky – they do specials for FL residents occasionally. Since, you know, I'm not an heiress.) Disney has actually improved their dining options a LOT in the past few years. It used to be that if you didn't want a boiled hot dog or greasy burger you were OOL. It's still worth it for the ability to drink a beer while watching my prince and princess giggle happily.


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