Disney/RWA Day 137

Any time I travel, but I think especially when it’s for work, when I’m doing a lot of socialization and stuff and OMG have to be professional and nice to people, I usually reach a point where I am just ready to be home. I usually go off on walks by myself or hole up in the hotel room to “work,” which is how I generally refer to surfing the Internet when I don’t want people to bother me.

The Awards ceremony was really neat this year. I got to be a presenter, which was tremendous fun. Got to schmooze with other amazing authors and meet new people. Also, I totally sat next to Meg Cabot at dinner.

I didn’t like how any of my pictures turned out. I don’t think I’m that red faced in person, but *every* picture of me lately, I’m like a beet!

So, about to call for a bell hop to take down massive amounts of luggage. Glad the Equinox I’m driving has hands free calling, since I’m having to keep up with my mom, who has been ill. Think good thoughts, and I’ll post more trip report when I’m back in Texas!

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