iLesson: Things I never learn

I’m trying to decide what to share with y’all today, since the iLesson usually comes out of whatever we discussed at IHOP after my wednesday writer’s group. Only we didn’t got to IHOP last night, because IHOP was closed for redecoration. (I will say, as I drove by, that the new blue coat of paint on the roof looked very fresh and… IHOP-y.)

If I was going to share with you what I learned at critique group, I could actually just link to previous posts. For instance, I learned the Perils of the Prologue, to trust my gut, and to stop second guessing myselfbecause chances are my instincts are right the first time.

I COULD just link you to my vlog at WriteOnCon.com where I talk about (and give a visual representation of) my (Pizza) Pie in the Face Writing Lesson. (Here’s the text version.)

Or I could tell you this piece of advice: Don’t let the internet and things distract you when you haven’t gotten your work done for the day.

So now I’m going to go get my work done for the day.

Happy Writing!

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