Social Media Networking has ruined my Internet Social Life

Social Media Networking has taken all the fun out of my Internet social life.

I have been on the Internet since I had to dial up with my telephone. My BFF “from college?” We met on a writing bulletin board from three states apart. Before Internet dating became mainstream, I told people we went to school together because only freaks became friends with someone they’d only communicated with at 56 Kbit/s. (Look it up, kids)

Especially because I lived in rural Texas, I’ve always relied on the Internet to connect with like minded people–reader people, writer people, comic book people, fannish people. (This is not to say people don’t read in rural Texas, or even that they don’t read Science Fiction in rural Texas, but just… Well, the entire population of Refugio County could fit into Cowboys Stadium ten times.)

What I’m saying is, I was social on the Internet LONG before Facebook or Twitter. Even before MySpace or LiveJournal. I actually *remember* my computer telling me “You’ve Got Mail.” (I also rode a dinosaur to school.)

Now comes along Social Media Networking. It may surprise you to know, dear readers, that authors take *classes* in how to talk to you on the Internet. How it’s not enough to have a website. We need to have a Facebook and a Twitter platform, and provide Meaningful Content on a Regular Basis and Ohmygodthepressure!

I can’t just tell you that I celebrated with a vanilla latte because I made it through one day without having to clean up dog pee from my floor. (I didn’t think anything could be harder to house train than a Papillon until I got a Pomeranian.) Now I have to be Entertaining! Informative! Profound!

Talk about performance anxiety.

Twitter is easier, because it’s a smaller investment on both our parts. I angst less over whether you will consider my love of caramel frappuchinos a waste of 140 characters. But a whole blog on my frustration with the running toilet right next to my office? (No, really. I’ve changed the flapper like five times.) just doesn’t seem worth the click through on Google Reader.  (Um, it is, I promise. I’m hysterically funny when it comes to ranting about my plumbing.)

The thing is, I love the Internet, but I don’t like Networking. I like talking about movies and books and MY books and my dogs and coffee and my diet and how I hate to go to the gym but I have to because I love cheesecake. I might also mention Russell Crowe occasionally. And mixed in with that, I’ll tell you about whatever book I’ve got in the works.

So, I hearby declare myself done with Social Media Networking. I’m just going to go back to blogging and tweeting with my friends, colleagues, and most of all, readers.

In honor of that, here’s a picture of my dogs:

(If you want to see more of them, you can follow me on Twitter @rclementmoore. But don’t bother to friend me on Facebook. I still haven’t figured that one out.)

(I’ll still be doing iLessons on Thursdays. There’s an iLesson here, if you look for it.)

3 thoughts on “Social Media Networking has ruined my Internet Social Life”

  1. Honestly, though, it's the irreverent and everyday stuff that makes those of us you're supposed to be networking WITH love you! I hadn't even heard of your books until Jamie linked to your blog, and after figuring out how hysterical you were I figured I HAD to read. And now I can't tell enough people about you or your books. I'm CONSTANTLY recommending you. So, take your social networking classes and shove em. And bring on the plumbing posts. 😉


  2. You are awesome, Leigh. 😀 I'm so glad Jamie pointed you my way. Seriously, though, that's the point of this post. When I get worked up about blogging "properly," providing content and what the heck am I going to write about today, I end up not blogging at all. But when I don't worry about it, and just blather about whatever, even if it's the delicious chips I had with lunch or how I wish that woman in my (very crowded) aerobics class wouldn't where so much perfume… then blogging becomes fun for me, and (I hope!) for my readers.


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