Monday Monday…

No movies to talk about today, because I’m trying really really hard to get this revision finished, and I haven’t even watched TV for a week. My living room has actually stayed neat because I haven’t been in it.

(Okay. It’s stayed neat from dog-height up. It’s normal to wade through a minefield of squeaky toys, right?)

The nice thing is, I have episodes of Psych, Covert Affairs (which was renewed, yay!), Warehouse 13 and Eureka waiting on me. Plus a stack of books! Plus I really need to get out to see a couple of movies before I have to wait for them to come out on DVD.

Here’s one thing I DO love about Living in The Future: The Networks are quick to cancel, but it seems that quriky, niche shows can flourish on cable. So people like me, who have always said “If I like it, it will be cancelled,” have options for viewing that we never have before. There are channels just for the weird or offbeat.

I am a little worried that I spend so much time on USA, which demographically makes me a woman of a certain age bracket. I sure have to suffer through a lot of minivan commercials. *shudder* Of course, thanks to my love of the History Channel. (Anyone else been watching “Chasing Mummies?” That’s my kind of reality show.) I know that I can go to the Grand Canyon in a Hoveround, and what kind of denture cream to get for the best fit.

So here’s my TV recommendations. You should check out Covert Affairs on USA on Tuesday. Pretty, likable heroine, hot guys with guns, hot guy with keyboard.


Covert Affairs. Aren’t they cute little spys?

And you should follow @psych_usa on Twitter if you like that show. There’s one crew that’s got a handle on this Social Media Networking thing: Amusing, informative, makes me want to watch the show.