Blue Monday

TGIF is wasted on me, and Monday is usually something I look forward to, since it means the house will be quiet so I can work. (Well, this is relative. Mom is talking to the dogs right now. Mom is convinced that if she speaks loudly enough, they will suddenly become obedient.)

But so far to day I have:

1) Overslept

2) Spilled coffee all over my desk

3) Fed the wrong dogs the wrong food (which they didn’t mind, but I will, much later in the day)

4) Gotten stung by a wasp…

5) …on the bottom of my foot…

6) …right when the carpet guy knocked on the door.

So the only thing worse than being in excruciating pain is having to hobble around trying to crate barking dogs while reassuring a workman that no, it really is safe to come in and just excuse me for a minute while I hop around on one foot and curse a lot.