Fresh Takes

Did you know I’m a columnist, as well as an amazing novelist? Every month on FreshFiction.com ‘s Fresh Takes From The Teen Shelves” highlights upcoming YA books that have caught my attention. It’s an eclectic list (because my tastes are eclectic) but usually there’s something for everyone: paranormal, contemporary, literary, and so on.

It’s geared for readers who may not be as familiar with what’s on the teens shelves (i.e., adults who haven’t discovered the wonders of YA books, or think it’s all Sweet Valley High and Twilight. Not that there’s anything wrong with those.)

Anyway! This months selections include Firelight (and an interview with author Sophie Jordan), Personal Demons, The DUFF, Fallout and more. Check it out here.

1 thought on “Fresh Takes”

  1. I'm definitely checking out The DUFF, Rosemary.I love YA romances, too, and fondly remember the original Sweet Valley High series. I also read Silhouette's teen romance line back in the early/mid eighties, spending my allowance on them. I loved those books sooo much. Unfortunately I waited just a little too long to ask to get them back from my dad's house–they'd given them to Goodwill or Half-Price books or something about six months previously. Argh!!


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