Have I really not updated this blog in a week??  Want to know why?  Um, there’s a clue in my Genreality post today: Altered State of Consciousness. (It’s not quite what you think.)

Last week I was good about at least posted something. I actually turned in my rewrites on Tuesday, but then I ran around all day Wednesday doing all the things I’d put off while finishing rewrites, and then Thursday I got hit with a Headache From Hell.  You know one of those where you can’t even watch TV or read because it hurts your eyes?  And the dogs insist on having Puppy Wars XI on your bed? And your family wants to talk to you because they haven’t seen you for two weeks while you’ve been finishing your work, but you can’t really hear them through the roar in your ears?

One of those.

But I’m better now, and  headed to FenCon for the weekend. Here’s my schedule, if you’re going and want to see me. I’m talking YA books, I’m on the Liar’s Panel (always a fun time), I’m talking books into TV shows and I’m doing a reading. Not sure WHAT I’m reading, but I’m doing one. 🙂

Hmmm… What SHOULD I read from?  Dramatic reading from The Splendor Falls which comes out in paperback in January? Or from Texas Gothic, which you can’t get until next summer?  Or something completely new and off the wall. (*Goes to hard drive to see what’s ready for public consumption.*)

ANYhoo. Happy weekend, everyone.

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  1. Dang, well…what if someone (meaning me) cant actually go to FenCon and hear your reading? Would you be able to post that reading on your blog? (You have to admit, its been a while since we've had a teaser Tuesday 🙂 ) Because if you can…my vote would go towards Texas Gothic first and, by the tiniest margin, something totally new for second!


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