Teaser Tuesday

And now for something completely different. Here’s a teaser for a short story that appeared in the 2010 FenCon program book. Right now that’s the only place you can read it. I picked up extra copies, which I’ll be giving away here on the blog when I get back from Seattle and my train trip of awesome.

Dixie Donovan, ace reporter, caught herself on the wall as her platform pumps skidded on the linoleum. That would teach her to defy rationing with two-inch heels.

The cinderblock skinned her palms and snagged her hair, as if the building itself tried to stop her escape. The echoing clang of footsteps spurred her to pick a corridor, any corridor, and try not to picture a rat in a maze.

She turned right. Fifty/fifty chance this was the way to the lobby. The odds were significantly less that would live to contemplate what would have happened if Al Menken hadn’t gotten food poisoning at his sister’s wedding, or how the fate of the free world hung on a plate of bad oysters.