Day One: Seattle

Here are the awesome parts of my trip so far:

I upgraded to First Class and sat next to Tera Lynn Childs for flight from DFW to SeaTac. This was excellent because of Tera, who distracted me from my abject terror of flying and also… First Class, Baby!

The weather in Seattle was *gorgeous* yesterday, and looks to be more of the same today. (I’m going to try and post a picture here, but this is my first blog post from my iPad, so I’m not sure how to do that yet.)

Tera and I took the bus to Pike Place Market. Missed a stop, ended up walking a wee bit farther than expected, but that meant I didn’t have to feel guilty about my big bowl of award winning chowder from Pike Place Chowder. (I am not lying. This may be the best clam chowder I have ever eaten. Ever.)

Then the market, which I didn’t see on my first (and only) trip to Seattle. I always thought Pike Place Market was just fish, but it was actually started as a place for local growers to sell their produce without a middleman. So even now, the produce has to be locally grown. I tasted an apple that… Well, I wouldn’t have blamed Eve a bit for eating it. (I just deleted a ramble about how much we lose by modern transportation giving us anything we want.)

Next, a harbor cruise. Gorgeous day for it. We saw Mount Rainier, and apparently you don’t get to see it very often because of the cloud cover. (This morning you could just barely see an outline.)

Out for dinner with my friends Lance and Kelli (and new friend A’mee). OMG best Indian food and Nann-n-Curry. (There is a definitely food theme to this post.) I adore Lance and Kel, and am so grateful they could meet up last minute. *hugs* Dropped Lance off at his rehearsal with Seattle Opera (!!) then grabbed desert at B and O in Capital Hill.

So total count:
Delicious meals/snacks/deserts consumed: 4+
Adventures in transportation: 3
Terrifying transportation: 3 (one plane, two LONG tunnels)
Close encounters with moving vehicles: 1

Today: Working in a Tully’s coffee shop until time for the Emerald Coast Writer’s Conference!

3 thoughts on “Day One: Seattle”

  1. I read this while scarfing a box of Smarties. All the food mentions made me extremely happy. Have fun! 🙂 ~AliyaP.S: Zomg, if you pronounce the word verification a certain way it says cookie. It's Fate.


  2. :: hug :: Awesome to see you too, hon! We love ya and are thrilled every time you're in town. And I can ramble to you and you usually have an idea of what I'm talking about. I'll remember the tunnels, though; no more dragging you along I90 when you're out here. 😉 We ate so much that day it was ridiculous!Meeting Tera was awesome, I'm so glad she came along with us. :DA'mee hasn't stopped writing since meeting you guys, either, which is beyond awesome. 😀 We're going on a writer's retreat this weekend, and I'll be working on Anomaly like mad. BOOYAH!Can't wait for your next trip out this way! :: hugs :: This post has a lot of smiles. Hah!


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