Day Three: Ferry over Puget Sound to Port Angeles

(Note: I’m posting some of these as I originally wrote them, since I really WAS planning to post as I went.)

I’m at Zeitgeist Coffee grabbing a cup of coffee and a snack (and some WiFi) before boarding the train to Chicago. Had a great conference over the weekend (though that doesn’t necessarily leave me with a lot to blog about, travel-wise, since I’m busy with conferencing).

Sunday I rented a car and drove out to Port Angeles to see Gwen Hayes, who added to her awesome by being a fabulous hostess. (I already knew she was a fabulous author. Her marvelous YA paranormal romance comes out next year.)

Why does renting a car always give me a successful Grown Up glow? Seriously! I feel like I’m a kid playing dress up for some reason. Maybe because it’s, like, the last thing you have to wait to be old enough to do. Until Social Security, anyway.

So I climbed into my cute little red Toyota and drove to Edmonds, and the ferry. Here was something else that gave me a glow of accomplishment. Drove onto the ferry, did not freak out or anything. I thought being on the top layer of cars would be bad, but it was actually better, because the sides are open. And of course I vacated the car as soon as possible, and went up to the passenger area where the lifeboats and stuff are.

Here’s a picture of Puget Sound on the way over. It looks very gray because it was. The blue would sort of tease for a moment, then go away.


This is taken from Port Gamble, a historic little village. Until 1995, it was the oldest continuously operating saw mill in North America. I think I may move there, a whole lot of books from now.


And here is the town of Port Gamble, the General Store on the left. (Some of my pictures seem to have been eaten (!!) by my camera! A bunch of them would not load onto the computer. *pout*)


Then I was stopped by the raising of the drawbridge over the Fort Hood Canal. Fortunately, I did not that this was a floating bridge until after the fact.


I really hope that ambulance wasn’t in a hurry to get somewhere. Here is the view that awaited me:


Next, Port Angeles! (The joke all weekend was that I was going to shop for a prom dress. Which OMG! That picture is SO not the dress from the movie. I guarantee Bella did not buy that dress in Port A. No offense.)


Downtown Port A. I loved this town an amazing amount. It reminded very slightly of Rockport, Texas, except completely different. Maybe remote coastal towns are a little the same all over.

Dang I have a lot of pictures from there. You’d think I was in love with the Olympic Peninsula or something. I’ll continue Sunday in another post. (Look for it on Monday, since I don’t usually blog on weekends.)

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks a little desolate, but I've always pictured that the perfect place to write-no interruptions especially to write paranormal stuff.Heather RosdolBuried in Books


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