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Teaser Tuesday

I feel guilty for getting so behind (again) on blog posts. You love me anyway, right?

Here’s a teaser from Texas Gothic to atone for my absence:

Phin had to show off a bit. “I heard that fossils and archeological finds can go for millions of dollars.”

“Yes,” said Mark, “but we’re not talking australopithecus. This is a modern skull.”

“But—” I started. That couldn’t be right. The bone had felt old. Literally and in some way I couldn’t quite define. “You said it wasn’t recent. And Dr. Douglas said the site by the river had been here maybe a century or two.”

He grinned. “‘Modern’ on an evolutionary scale. As in, ‘less than half a million years old.’”

“Oh,” I said, embarrassed because I should have known that. I mean, they did teach evolution in Texas public schools.

“It might still be prehistoric, though,” said Mark. “If this turns out to be a mass burial of some kind, the value will be in information.”

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  1. AGH SO GOOD, I seriously cannot wait for Texas Gothic! I loved The Splendor Falls like crazy and I'm dying for more delicious Southern gothic fiction! I saw the cover for Texas Gothic on Amazon yesterday and it looks gorgeous! :DAre you working on any other books to be released after Texas Gothic? 🙂


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