Lizzie Report

I hesitate to post this, because I don’t want to mourn Lizzie before it’s time. But I know that some of you have been following our adventures in vet visits (on Twitter), and a few of you might be wondering why I’ve kind of disappeared off the face of the internet.

Lizzie has been sick, on and off, for almost two months. We’ve had vet dentist visits, and vet ER visits, and yesterday we went to a vet internist for a CT scan and biopsy.

The report isn’t good. Without getting too technical (email me, medical people, if you want the details), there are two possible scenarios, and both aren’t really treatable, not without putting her at huge risk, and through a lot of pain.

The GOOD news is, Lizzie has no idea that she’s so sick. We’ll keep her on medication that will keep her feeling well, and I’ll enjoy her company as long as she’s not in pain or suffering.

I am very sad, but I’m determined not to mourn her until she’s actually gone. That would ruin our time together. (I say this as I’m typing this through my tears–but she’s in the other room, so it’s okay.) Anyway, after the biopsy results next week, we’ll have more of an idea about a time table, I think. Until then, I’m going to try to get back to a normal routine. (Which is hard when all I want to do is curl up on the couch with her.)

Thanks for your good wishes this week. Now my prayers are just that she stay’s comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

Lizzie on one of our trips to Starbucks.

4 thoughts on “Lizzie Report”

  1. I have been following on Twitter. So sorry for you and her. I think you are taking a wonderful attitude about it and it is good she doesn't seem to be suffering. Prayers for peace for both of you.


  2. *Bear Hugs* take the past three comments and smoosh them into one giant chocolate cake…that's my sentiments for you. My love and thoughts are with you and Lizzie, Aliya


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