The Splendor Falls redux!

I was going to present this new cover with much flourish, before my October and November went sideways. But since it is only FOUR WEEKS until it hits the stores, I’d better present, without further ado, the new cover for the paperback of The Splendor Falls.



The book will be available in Trade Paperback on January 11, 2011. Tell your friends. And if you haven’t written a review on Goodreads or Amazon or Barnes and Noble yet, that would be so awesome. (Why? More sales equals more books in the future. I get tons of mail about a sequel to this book, and the way to put pressure on me to write one is to spread the word about this one!)

Oh, hey! While Googling my own book, I found out there’s a Facebook community for The Splendor Falls. I mean, if there’s a community for “Justin Beiber should have my babies,” I guess it’s not a huge deal that my book has one, too. (Apparently on Barnes and Noble you can also “like” the book. Who knew! I my Facebook Fu is sadly lacking.)

6 thoughts on “The Splendor Falls redux!”

  1. I'm SO happy with this cover. The original was lush and beautiful, but this one does suit the *mood* of story better, I think. There's something kind of wild and etherial about it, and I LOVE the girl in the dress, looking right out of the cover. (Who is she? You have to read the book and find out.)


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